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(Photo by Tete Almeida - with post production by Legendary Chaos)
(Photo by Tete Almeida – with post production by Legendary Chaos)

Daniela Luna is an Argentinian artist, curator, art dealer and cultural promoter, founder of the mythical APPETITE, contemporary art gallery from Buenos Aires, the party and underground club WarClub, the concept store and art space Tanto Deseo, dedicated to art and design based on sex and desire as main concepts, as well as other projects.

She fastly became famous for putting into the map many new artists, for her openings and wild parties, as well as for her personal style and the originality of all APPETITE presentations. As described by New York Times, “Appetite, an irreverent, punk-inflected gallery in San Telmo started by Daniela Luna, a feisty 30-year-old known for her shrewd eye and cool parties.”
In 2008 APPETITE became the first Argentinian gallery to be invited to the Frieze Art Fair in London, and her booth was one of the most talked about in that year’s international press. Some of her parties and events are legendary, and her work in general has been featured by media like New York Times, Time Out, CNN, Rolling Stone, Nylon, Black Book, and many international press, as well as amply followed by the local media.

“Appetite, an irreverent, punk-inflected gallery started by Daniela Luna, known for her shrewd eye and cool parties”
The New York Times, 2008 by Denny Lee 


“Daniela Luna, a punk style starlet, is herself a walking art statement, and seems to thrive on the hype she creates. Her bold moves are amply covered by the mainstream press.”
Time Out, 2009 by Martin Gambarotta

Time Out

“Industry Insiders: Daniela Luna, International Party Girl”
Black Book, 2009 By Whitney Weiss

Black Book

“At the annual Frieze art fair in London, Argentinean gallery Appetite, literally blended their art with the credit crunch. The artists and gallery owner 
Daniela Luna ate remnants of visitors’ food and slept only when a visitor was kind enough to offer them a roof.”
CNN, 2008 By Anouk Lorie


“La no princesa del arte argentino comtemporáneo es un personaje tan importante que está volviéndose todo un ícono de su generación.”
(The no-princess of argentinian contemporary art is such an important character that is becoming an icon for her generation.) 
DMag (Argentina), 2008 by Lucrecia Leguizamon


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