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APPETITE was born in 2005 with the mission of discovering and promoting contemporary artists.

First located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although it began as an art gallery and kept that format for almost 6 years, it’s always been changing and pushing the limits, taking many forms.

It closed as a gallery in mid 2010.



APPETITE gallery

APPETITE gallery

APPETITE men contest


APPETITE gallery_graffiti_1

APPETITE gallery

APPETITE gallery






Exhibitions and projects during 2007 and 2008


“APPETITE presents”  Group Show


Sofia Bohtlingk solo Exhibition


Conchetinas Art Collective Exhibition


Pinta Art Fair – APPETITE Booth


APPETITE with New World Symphony “Satiate” at Club Touch, Broadway, NW

Featuring artists Juliana Iriart and Karin Idelson


Sofia Bohtlingk – exhibition viewappetite_newyork7

Conchetinas  – exhibition view


Conchetinas  – exhibition view



Pinta Art Fair – APPETITE Booth

appetite_touch New York

APPETITE with New World Symphony “Satiate” at Club Touch, Broadway, NW (view of the space)

Saturday, March 8 – NYC Friends Launch Party, “Satiate” at Touch, New York

Friends of New World Symphony and Appetite Gallery present “Satiate,” at the swanky venue, Touch. Come satisfy your senses with a night of innovative music, world-class art and incredible people. Guests will groove to the sexy beats of world-renowned DJ Cassidy, while sipping on complimentary cocktails in a beautiful, modern and ambient setting. The gorgeous venue will have multi-media environments, titled “Love & Senseless,” created by artists Juliana Iriart and Karin Idelson, of Appetite Gallery.

The highlight of the night will be an eclectic performance by New World Symphony’s World-Class Fellows. This late-night show will feature classical favorites and showcase another side of their musical brilliance as they dive into other genres. The Fellows will perform with sensual vocalist Jette Kelly, followed by an Electronic Fusion with Composer Gabriel Pulido, and finally a rock star improve- jam with DJ Cassidy and Flutist Ebonee Thomas, Electric Violinist Karen Wyatt and Cellist Shira Mann.






Violently erotic concept store and exhibition space, functioned in the area of San Telmo, Argentina.

Many media celebrated this initiative, Les Inrockuptibles published an issue completely about sex, and Tanto Deseo was the cover story and was spread all over the magazine. (From Spanish) “Without any doubt, one of the present oasis is Tanto Deseo, an erotic-artistic branch from APPETITE gallery, mothership of young art commanded by Daniela Luna. Tanto Deseo is an experimental essay, where pulsions are expressed under different topics.”
( Javier Villa, “Arte humedo”, Les Inrockuptibles”, 2007)



Underground party started in 2008, in a secret warehouse that guests could acces with a password, it mixed underground Djs and bands with site specific art interventions and performance.

As described at Time Out, “Arty meets party at Daniela Luna’s WarClub. Surrounded by cutting edge wall art, intellectuals and club kids, artists and collectors, the young and the old make up an eclectic smiling crowd. WarClub is the brainchild of enfant terrible art gallerist Daniela Luna. It has taken place, up until now, in this raw, industrial, multi-room space whose only modifications, in the punk spirit Luna most prizes, are an accumulation of graffiti, murals and installations.”