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There has been a lot of people that made APPETITE amazing,  the artists, collectors, curators, critics, journalists, musicians,  DJs, writers, public, party people, all the staff and interns, family and friends… Un fortunately I can’t name them all, but I’ll start with some of the stars.

This is an inclomplete list of the many artists that have been part of different APPETITE projects. It will be updated as soon as possible.



Martin Legon

Ariel Cusnir

Victoria Musotto

Fabio Risso

Yamandu Rodriguez

Marcelo Galindo

Nicanor Araoz

Juliana Iriart

Rafael Gonzalez Moreno

Marisa Rubio

Nicolas Mastracchio

Gonzalo Sojo

Thais Zumblick

Mauro Guzman

Diego de Aduriz

Victoria Colmegna

Clarisa Grabowiecky

Veronica Gomez

Danni Basso

Yanina Szalkowicz

Ana Vogelfang

Anabella Papa

Mercedes Cosci

Karin Idelsson

Patricia Martinez

Marcela Sinclair


Guest Artists with exhibitions at APPETITE gallery

Roberto Jacoby


Valentina Liernur (performance)

Lux Lindner

Oscar Benedectti

Autumn Sonnichsen

Camilo Guinot 2006

Anne Seagrave (performance) 2006

Luciana Lamothe 2005

Agustin Huarte 2005

Cecilia Areas 2005

Phillip Schopper 2005


Artists exhibited at Tanto Deseo

Kuki Bensky


(+ more artists that participated of group exhibitions)


Artists exhibited at WAR CLUB

Chris Kelley

Guido Ignatti


Sofia Bohtlighk

Artists exhibited at Popularity

Claudio Roncoli

Florencia Fraschina


Artists with available works in Legendary Chaos

Miami, 2013


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